Where can I see Mr Sabbagh

Mr. Sabbagh has clinics in four leading hospitals located in London and the south east:

Berkshire:                  Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor

Surrey:                       The Runnymede Hospital, Chertsey, Surrey

London:                     Bupa Cromwell Hospital, London

North London:          Kings Oak Hospital, Enfield, North London

What to expect at the consultation

You will always be seen by Mr. Sabbagh. Your consultation is never rushed and although 30 minutes are allocated, some cases may take longer and this is always accommodated. A second consultation may be necessary for some cosmetic procedures to finalize the surgical plan and clarify any points prior to surgery.

Is there a consultation fee

There is a consultation fee after the first consultation. This is invoiced following your consultation. No further fees are charged for a second visit and any follow up appointments following surgery.

Where will the surgery be performed

Surgery is performed at all the hospitals where Mr. Sabbagh consults. These include the following BMI Hospitals: Kings Oak Hospital (Enfield), Princess Margaret Hospital (Windsor), and The Runnymede Hospital (Chertsey, Surrey).

In Central London surgery is performed at Bupa Cromwell Hospital (Cromwell Road, Kensington).

How is post surgical care provided

You are always reviewed by Mr Sabbagh on the Ward after your operation. For all procedures you will be seen at one or two weeks after surgery. Following this, patients are usually seen at 6 weeks, 6 months, 1 year and as necessary thereafter. Patients can call Mr. Sabbagh’s office until 8pm if there are any concerns in the early period following surgery. After 8pm patients can call the hospital ward who will contact Mr Sabbagh without delay.



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