Both the upper and lower eyelids are affected by the aging process. As with other areas there is weakening of the supporting tissues and loss of elasticity of the skin. In the upper eyelids the excess skin gives a hooded appearance. In the lower eyelids the most frequent problem is puffiness and tired looking eyes.



The nose is one of the most prominent features of the face. A strong aesthetic balance is achieved when the nose is well proportioned to the face. The cause of nasal deformities may be either a result of previous injury or just normal development. There are many reasons why cosmetic surgery on the nose is contemplated. These include a large nasal hump, abnormal curvature of the nose, prominent tip or a large base.



Mr Sabbagh is one of the UK leading surgeons in reconstructive surgery of the ear. He provides a national service in the NHS at the Royal Free Hospital. Ear Reconstruction is considered one of the most complex operations in Plastic Surgery. It is performed for patients born with an underdeveloped ear ( Microtia ) or those who have lost a normal ear through trauma.



Sagging of the breast is associated with a reduction in the psychological wellbeing of women. This can occur after pregnancy and after gradual weakening of breast tissue support as a result of aging. It can also occur with no predisposing factors in young women as a result of normal breast development.

Body Contouring


In patients who have lost weight or post pregnancy, as a result of stretching, loose skin accumulates in the lower abdomen. Despite exercise and dieting the excess loose skin will remain. This is not only unattractive but also can be restrictive in clothing and a significant obstacle in regaining confidence.



Botox acts by temporarily reducing the action of the underlying muscles. This results in a reduction in facial movements which consequently reduces the wrinkling. The areas in the face best treated by botox are the horizontal lines in the forehead, the vertical lines between the eyebrows and the lines radiating away from the eyes (crow’s feet).



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