Sagging of the breast is associated with a reduction in the psychological wellbeing of women. This can occur after pregnancy and after gradual weakening of breast tissue support as a result of aging. It can also occur with no predisposing factors in young women as a result of normal breast development.

Mild sagging of the breast can be corrected by inserting a breast implant. In more significant cases a breast uplift operation is necessary. Breast uplift (mastopexy) is an operation that removes the excess skin, lifts the breast upwards and reshapes the breast to give a firmer rounder appearance. The scars that result from the surgery are around the nipple, a vertical scar and a small horizontal scar in the crease under the breast.


How is breast uplift performed

Breast uplift is performed under general anesthetic. Effective breast uplift alters the shape of the breast gland as well as tightening the skin. This is done by first separating the skin from the breast tissue. The breast gland is then converted into a more rounded, firmer shape by using special sutures. The excess skin is then removed. To do this there will be surgical scars around the areola, a vertical scar and a small horizontal scar in the crease under the breast.

What are the scars like

In the majority of patients the scars heal extremely well leaving fine faded scars which are only visible on close inspection. This could take up to a year. In a very small number of patients scars can become ‘hypertrophic’. This means the scar is a little red and raised. This can be treated to improve their appearance.

Will it change the breast cup size

Although in breast uplift no breast tissue is removed the breast cup size usually decreases as essentially the breast has been squeezed into a smaller firmer breast.


  • General Anaesthetic (1-2 hours)
  • Hospital stay: 1 night
  • All sutures are dissolvable
  • Home with water proof dressing
  • Time off work: 7-14 days
  • Return to normal activities (sport, gym) 3-4 weeks
  • Support bra for 6 weeks





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